This Post Is Extremely Late!!! And Way Past Due...However, I Recently Loss Both Grandmothers and Had to step away to handle their final funeral request... Which included international travel. But this good deed could not go overlooked. Jeff Gaster and the Citi Floral Team did a superb Job this at year's Gay PRIDE Brunch... At the Legendary SOB's... Jeff is by far one of the nicest and most talented florists in New York City... Every arrangement he creates promises to bring sunshine and positive energy to any event or personal space... From Our First encounter he has left me speechless with his spectacular arrangements and attention to detail that our guests still rave about... And this year was no different. For all your Floral Needs contact CITIFLORAL 1661 YORK Ave. NY NY 10128 Guaranteed Amazing Service with a smile & breathtaking Flowers 212.410.0303

I placed an order via CitiFloral's website for a same-day delivery. The flowers (Memories of Paradise) were even more beautiful in person. I had requested delivery earlier than 4 pm and the arrangement arrived at noon. Beautiful flowers and outstanding service. Next time I need flowers, CitiFloral is the only florist I will use.

Kimberly S.
New York, NY

(From Yelp) **UPDATE: The manager Jeff reached out to me personally in response to this review and was insistent on rectifying this situation, which comes to show much he values his business. Bumping my review up to 4 stars and would consider using Citi Florals in the future**

I hate writing one star reviews, but having received services from here, I would never recommend this florist to anyone.

I was supposed to receive a bouquet at work, which I had no idea about at the time, as my boyfriend had ordered one a few weeks before Valentine's Day. He was told an expected delivery time frame between 12-5 PM, which would have worked because I was at work until 6 PM. However, 6 PM came and I left for the day to meet up with some friends in the LES, still unaware that I had a bouquet coming my way. My boyfriend, who was at Australia at the moment and did not have the luxury of calling in the US, had no idea of its whereabouts and did not receive any confirmation of its delivery. Finally, by 7 PM, he told me that the bouquet that was intended to be a surprise. At this point, he was upset about how things had turned out and decided to call CitiFlorists for a status update. The person he spoke to on the phone was unable to answer any of his questions and only provided him with "the guy is currently out and I wouldn't be able to tell you until our delivery guy is back."

Basically, what was meant to be a sweet gesture from the other side of the globe turned out to be a disaster. I had to call my work place, ask if they had received a bouquet (in which they did...2 hours later than the expected arrival time), had to take the subway back up to my work, walk 5 blocks in freezing temperature to get my bouquet and walk back to the subway station. This could have all been avoided if the people who worked here were capable of giving realistic time frames for their delivery. I understand Valentine's Day is a busy day of you guys, but seriously get your shit together please.

As for the actual flower arrangement, it was pretty. However, it's hard to enjoy the product when I had to go through such lengths because of their mistake.

Kristi L.
New York, NY

I had a great experience. I had a very last minute request (6pm night before!) and needed a delivery for 8am the following day. The gentleman worked with me to create a floral bunch with the guidelines & price range I had and had tons of patience to ensure he got everything right. The flowers arrived in beautiful perfect condition. Overall impressed!

Gianna L.
Brooklyn, NY

Not Sure What Happened to My Last Review on Yelp... But I HIGHLY Recommend CitiFloral... And Needed to Share this experience...

A few months back I contacted CitiFloral in hopes of receiving a Floral donation for the annual P.R.I.D.E. Brunch at the Legendary SOB's (Sounds of Brazil) located 200 Varick St. in NYC, and to my surprise they agreed... I was extremely impressed by not only the professionalism but the follow up leading to the actual event date. Jeff Gaster was the Absolute Best!!! he created nothing short of artistic masterpieces that were the perfect addition to a great event.

The attention to detail was impeccable, and to say the least they knew exactly what our room needed. Each arrangement was created with such passion and love... and If you LOVE flowers as much as I do... You know the difference...

From a very general idea of color and theme Jeff & CitiFloral Inc. created breathtaking visions that wow'd each and every guest. I highly recommend using CitiFloral for ALL of your floral needs.. Bridal, Holiday, Anniversary etc... They Rock!!!

Thank you Jeff Gaster and CitiFloral not only for helping make this seasons brunch a total success but for bringing smiles and joy to each person who was able to experience your artistic talent and greatness...

I eagerly look forward to the many years to come, and sharing my experience with anyone needing to simply bring a smile to someone's heart, home, office, and special event...

Blessings to you all...

Sha'lik Ian Harford
New York, NY

I have used Citifloral for more than twenty years for both business and personal orders and always have been very satisfied with the beautiful floral arrangements and their efficient service when ordering. During my years in the corporate realm, Citifloral took great pains to choose suitable colors for bouquets intended for important international functions. With their help, my job became easier. I highly recommend Citifloral.

Linda L.

I ordered flowers for a friends performance at the Lincoln Center and as the delivery day approached I received an email from Jeff saying that he needed more information about the exact delivery location. Being in Los Angeles, I didn't realize how big the Lincoln Center was. After a few helpful email exchanges we figured it all out. Jeff was very helpful, nice, and professional. My friend said the flowers looked great.

I love this place!! Jeff is the sweetest guy ever. He is very accommodating. My office orders has been ordering all our flower and holiday arrangements for years. All the arrangements have been beautiful and breath taking. So I decided to give them a try and order flowers for a friend. The flowers were top of the line and I am a very happy customer. Can not see why they would have any negative reviews. They are 5 star worthy.
Yvette R.

I needed flowers for my fiance's bridal shower. Surprisingly there were not many shops open on Sunday so I found this one which was open for a small window sunday morning. I asked for flowers not to exceed $100 and got a gorgeous bouquet that has lasted almost the whole week. I would definitely recommend this place and the owner was extremely friendly.
Jordan S.

They're great. Always have been. When my grandma lived not too far, this was one of my go-to floral shops. Great service, fresh, interesting inventory, quick and simple and beautiful. Got me on my way and I could never put a price on the smile these flower put on my grandmother. Thanks CitiFloral! Hard to believe all the negative comments. I mean, truly, seriously way off base. There is NO way those are legit comments.

Scott R.
Brooklyn, NY

I loved my beautiful arrangement!


I don’t know if competition is trying to give this company a bad name or if people really have had bad experiences with them. It’s hard to tell sometimes, but personally I always been happy with their service. I actually stopped using them for a while because of all the negative reviews they have received. Stupid me. I need to learn to take everything with a grain of salt. After doing further investigating, I noticed that the same exact negative reviews have popped up on multiple websites. It looks fishy to me, honestly.

Personally, every time I have ordered from them in the past they have delivered promptly. The person that I have been sending flowers to for the past five years always makes sure to snap a picture with her phone because I have asked her to. How many times have you sent something to someone and they say it was great but only because they don’t want to hurt your feelings? Well, even with her crummy camera phone, I could always tell that her flowers looked fresh.

Long story short, after not ordering from them for maybe a year or so, i got tired of how disgusting 1800 Flowers arrangements are. They literally send rotten flowers and there was no way I was going to send my girlfriend of five years flowers in a box for her to arrange herself. When she sent me a picture of what I ordered, I was very pleased. They also delivered exactly when they said they would. Five stars.

Christina R.
Garden City, NY

I passed by this little flower shop on my way back from an uptown meeting. Something in the window caught my eye, so I decided to go in and see if they had something nice to put together for my wife.

The experience was a little bit of a throwback in time for me. This is not a "cutting edge" flower shop with young Millennials, all dressed in black, waiting to answer your every floral query. It felt a little bit like my old small town neighborhood flower shop, back in Wisconsin, where I grew up. I would be willing to bet that the proprietor knows the first and last names of 90% of his customers.

The proprietor, and there was no doubt that he was the proprietor, greeted me and asked me how he could help. I told him my rough idea for some cut flowers and he proceeded to assemble a beautiful bouquet, wrapped it himself, and sent me on my way. All at a price I was happy to pay.

It's a nice little flower shop, on a quiet stretch of York Avenue, in an otherwise busy city. My wife was very happy with the present, and I would be pleased to return to this shop when I am in the area again.

James B.
Brooklyn, NY

Flowers are often given to express how we feel and are extremely to be able to trust my florist (Jeff) to evoke my sentimenets perfectly, through his floral arrangements, every time and on time, is just stellar!!! CifiFloral uses exquisite flowers, as you will see by the unique and breathtaking bouquet you will receive, no matter your price point!

I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Stacy Posner
Manhattan, NY